About BASK

Loud, proud and comfortable!

Since we began our journey in 2018 our sole aim has been to design products that bring out a confident you. We think we've done pretty well so far, judging by the photos that you've shared with us along the way!

The BASK community is still growing and we're developing new styles and designs all of the time. We're always on the lookout for new members so come on! We're here with open arms.

Join us and get as involved as you would like. Recommend new styles, new colours, new designs or if you prefer, just enjoy the ones that we release.


Whether you’re after a more classic feel or modern flair, our handpicked fabrics will look exceptional on you, in the top drawer, or on the floor.

Here at BASK we like to be revolutionary, allowing you to bask in the comfort, style and confidence that your body and personality deserve. Spice up your top drawer with BASK.

Our aim at BASK is to create a unique collection of everyday items with a refreshing range of colourful choices to fill your wardrobe and drawers: from classic underwear cuts and tailored daywear, right through to loungewear and night-time numbers. Whether you’re on the beach or the sofa, enjoying brunch or sipping a glass of Veuve - BASK wants to join you for all your occasions.

Whilst we’re launching with our range of classic underwear cuts, and comfort tee, rest assured we’re already working on our next product launch. Sign up to our mailing list now and be the first to hear about the secrets we’re currently working on.

Boxers and Briefs at BASK are made from our premium cotton blend, providing stretch and comfort for our modern take on classic cuts. BASK Tees are our modal fabric blend for superior comfort and durability, making them ideal for the gym or to BASK in the comfort of your own home.

Speaking of products, are we missing something that would complete your BASK experience? Send your idea to info@mybasks.com and watch this space; maybe one day it will feature on our site. Don’t worry, if we like your idea enough to develop it, then we’ll be sure to send a complimentary product in recognition of your contribution to the global BASK experience.