BASK take great pride in their responsibility towards the environment. In a market full of choice, we fail to understand why more brands aren’t doing their bit to help bring sustainable products to the market. By directing our merchandising teams towards more eco-friendly options, we’re bringing a brand to the market that is a step up from others.

As we ship lots of orders every day, we knew it was essential to limit our impact on the environment. We’ve ensured that our packaging is recyclable. Please do your bit to make sure this effort hasn’t gone to waste and pop your packet in the correct waste bin.

But recyclable wasn’t enough for one of our most used items – the mailing bag – we’ve gone one step further and made them compostable. How is this possible? Amazingly so, the packaging boffins have manufactured our mailing bags from potato starch, meaning that you can dispose of them in the garden waste bin or compost heap and once they’re exposed to the elements they’ll begin to decompose. So whilst they might be single use – they aren’t going to sit in landfill sites for thousands of years, which can only be a great thing, right?

Riding on a high from the success of our packaging, we turned our attentions to the BASK range. Our merchandising teams are permanently sourcing fabrics with the lowest environmental impact possible and when we find one that has the capabilities of a high quality BASK-grade garment, we look to bring it to market. Within our very first collection we launched a t-shirt range made from modal – a plant based fibre. Modal is a super strong fabric and also very soft to touch, making it ideal for garments that have direct contact with the skin to ensure long-lasting comfort.

We haven’t stopped at just the one capsule though, as you sit here reading this you can guarantee that our product development team are beavering away – sourcing new fabrics that we can bring to market that strike a balance between low economical and environmental cost. If you’re of the same mind frame, shop the BASK range today and join the revolution – high quality, sustainable and affordable clothing. Come to think of it, now is probably a good time to sign up to our mailing list so that you’re always up to date with our latest products.